Learn About Our Medication Support Sevices

Professional Medication Advice

Unsure what you have been prescribed? Are your medicines compatible with the vitamins you would like to take?

At Bailey Road Pharmacy in Deception Bay, QLD, you can ask us about your prescription medications. We will take you through everything you need to know, step by step. If you have an unusual prescription medication, in most cases, we can order it overnight and have it delivered to your front door the next day.

Bailey Road Pharmacy gives professional advice

Inhaler Technique Assistance

Did you know that up to 90 percent of people are not using their inhaler correctly? Incorrect usage techniques prevent you from receiving the maximum benefit from your asthma or COPD medications. Our pharmacists can assess and assist you in improving your technique so you can breathe easier. It could save your life!

Bailey Road Pharmacy helps with inhaler technique

In-Home Medicine Review

If you are taking five or more different medications, you may be eligible for a medication overview at no extra cost. One of our friendly pharmacists will come to your home and sit down with you to sort through your medications and answer any questions you have.

Bailey Road Pharmacy can help you understand your medications

Medication Wallet Card

Would you like a record of the medications you are taking that is small enough to be stored in your wallet? One of our friendly pharmacists can have a consultation with you about your medicines and give you a wallet-sized card, which you can keep. Discuss this service with us in-store today!


Bailey Road Pharmacy is a proud supplier of the National Diabetes Services Scheme. We have a wide range of diabetes essentials to cover your needs.

Bailey Road Pharmacy can do a checkup of your medications

Medication Packing

Sometimes, medicines can be difficult to manage, especially when taking a number of them at different times of the day. We can take the stress out of managing your or a family member's medicines.

With our medication packing service, we can arrange all of your medicines into a weekly “Medicines Pack” that can be delivered fortnightly. Your medicines are neatly and safely organised by day and time of day. They are packed by one of our specialised technicians and checked carefully by our pharmacists.

If you are interested in this service, get in touch with one of our friendly pharmacists or simply bring in all your scripts to our pharmacy so we can review your medicine profile. Afterwards, all that is left for you to do is to wait for the delivery, or pick up your weekly medicines pack, to enjoy better health without the hassle.

Bailey Road pharmacy can help you organise your medications

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Do you know your blood pressure? It is the pressure of your blood as it is pumped by your heart through your arteries to all parts of your body.

Your blood pressure does not stay the same all the time since it changes depending on your body’s needs. However, if your blood pressure remains high, it can lead to serious health problems like a heart attack or stroke.

Bailey Road Pharmacy offers free blood pressure checks to our customers. We can also help you interpret your results. With our help, you can start taking control of your health today!

Bailey Road Pharmacy can help you check your blood pressure

Free Local Prescription Delivery

If you are unable to visit us in-store, we can bring your prescription medications to you! We can also keep your regular prescriptions on file so that medication delivery is only a phone call away. Do not go without your medicines when you cannot leave your house. Give us a call today!