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Chemists' Own® Children's Natural Cough Mixture Liquid 200 mL

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Chemists' Own Children's Natural Cough Mixture contains active ingredient Hedera Helix (Ivy Leaf Extract) which helps liquify and clear mucus from the airways and relax and calm convulsive coughing. Troublesome and painful coughing is calmed but not blocked.



Safety studies have not been conducted on this cough mixutre during pregnancy.

Do not take Chemists' Own Children's Natural Cough Mixture if you are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients.

In the event of fructose intolerance, caution is advised.

If you are taking prescription medications please call us to ensure this product is right for you


Common Uses


Relief of coughs,

Relief of mucous congestion,

Temporary relief of bronchial cough by soothing bronchial airways,

Temporary relief of bronchial cough,

Temporary relief of cough due to bronchial congestion,

Relieves productive coughs by inhibiting the internalisation of beta-2 receptors.



Hedera Helix Equivalent (Dry Leaf) 43.75mg/mL

Chemists' Own Children's Natural Cough Mixture is alcohol-free, sugar-free, non-drowsy and contains no colourings.




0-2 Years* 2.5mL 2 times per day

2-5 Years 2.5mL 3 times per day

6-9 Years 5mL 3 times per day

10-11 Years 5mL 3 times per day

12 Years & Above 5mL 3 times per day

*Australian Government regulation requires healthcare professional consultation when purchasing cough / cold medication for children under 2 years of age.

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